"Mama, you are Woman; you are the Earth, The universe, your Ancestors' magical wisdom
~ You are radiance.
Love Natasha


Welcome; something drew you into my sacred space, and my intention for you is that you feel safe and nurtured while you are here.

Mama my vision is that you feel whole, healthy, and integrated. You embrace yourself and live in your radiance. 
You know deep in your womb that you are a powerful vessel of Inner knowing, Childhood and Ancestral wisdom, and Earth and Universe magic.


You live unapologetically in a shamanic way honouring the seasons of Earth, and within your body & soul, living in a devotional ritual way, calling in the magic within the mundane.

You know you are radiant, magnetic to your desires and create a life of magic.

I want to guide you to this place of magic. Are you ready?

Take my hand


"Just Wow!"

Just wow! Natasha's love for empowering women is obvious from the minute you meet her. From her coaching in self care I have learned so much and been able to implement positive changes to my life. These have helped in reducing stress, build my self confidence and self worth, and taking time out to become more aware of my surroundings and what my body and mind need.

Amelia Margaurite

"Her ability to calm you even with just her presence is amazing"

Natasha is a beautiful soul and her ability to calm you even with just her presence is amazing. Her healings always leave me feeling relaxed and grounded. Her readings always resonate and the way she connects with the divine is simply magic. I would highly recommend Natasha for your shamanic energy healing or reading needs

Katie Talbot

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