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If you are in the realm of wellness, I am sure you have heard of Elderberry Syrup and seen it in the shops or chemist. As easy as it is to buy it from the shops, we love making our own. It gives us the chance to connect to this herbal medicine, ancestors, and to place our intentions for healing in the potion. We also prefer to know what is in it and well it is easy and fun to make. We always have Elderberry syrup in the fridge during the year we take a few times a week; however, during flu season or when someone around us is sick, we take it every day.

Ingredients you will need

  • 2 Tbsp. rosehips - beneficial because they are naturally high in vitamin C

  • 2 tsp. whole cloves - cloves are known to be anti-microbial

  • 2 tsp. dried ginger root - ginger is soothing and immune-boosting

  • 2-3 cinnamon sticks - cinnamon is high in anti-microbial properties

  • ½ cup or to your families taste raw, local honey - honey is immune boosting, mainly when it is raw and locally sourced

  • 2 tsp Astragalus powder or dried root (optional): An excellent immune booster

  • 4 c. water

  • 1/2 c. whole dried elderberries - Elderberries (Sambucus nigra) known for its fever and flu-fighting properties and throughout European traditions is a popular formula for colds. They contain high levels of Iron and Vitamin C which are good for the immune system and antiviral. They are also useful for lowering inflammation, and it is suitable for breaking up phlegm.

You can buy the spices and herbs needed for this from your local health food store or online. Please make sure they are fit for consumption.

Directions to make the syrup

Add the water and herbs into a saucepan or stockpot and simmer the mixture on low for 1 hour. Leaving the lid ajar and stirring occasionally.

After the hour pour your mixture through a strainer into a clean sterilised bowl and let cool.

When the mixture is warm whisk the honey through until it is dissolved, pour into a sterilised jar and store in the refrigerator.

Use and storage

Elderberry can be taken straight or stirred into a beverage. Personally, for our family we take Elderberry syrup a couple of times per week during the year and when it is flu season we take it every day. We find this works for us; however, you may only want to take it as symptoms come on. Your homemade syrup may keep in the fridge for up to 3 months I do urge you to use your intuition and keep an eye on if it goes wrong.

I hope you enjoy making your Elderberry Syrup for your family.

Many blessings,

* Disclaimer - I am not a trained medical practitioner with herbs. This is from our families experience only. Please consult your health professional team before ingesting this syrup.

I know when my feminine energy is low, or I am not connected to it because it shows up in my body and life. I can become fatigued, moody, a feeling of off, less in a joyful pleasure state, I become almost lazy with how much I am in a flowy state, and I become closed off not open to receiving. There are many ways this can show up in your life when it is off-balance; these are just the ways it mostly shows up for me. So how do I reconnect with my feminine energy? I have three of my favourite ways to do so.

1. I make time to connect with my womb space. I massage her with Maeve oil, reminding myself I am all that it and connected to all that it. I am a priestess and bearer of creation.

2. I Indulge in something that feels luxurious and pleasurable, my favourite of this at the moment is a delicious rose mushroom tonic and a good book in a quiet space. I am also loving using a coconut milk-based moisturiser that is so deeply nourishing and silky.

3. I make sure to connect with my sisterhood; sisters are everything to the feminine. It is how we charge our energy, and it is where we gain our wisdom, it is a connection beyond the male and female, it is healing and intuitive.

If you want to lean more into this topic or find some sisters to be in the presence of then, I invite you to join Cosmic Feminine Connection. You have the choice of Facebook or a stand-alone app.

Many blessings,

The sacred union of Masculine and Feminine

No, I am not talking about a union between man and woman; I am talking about the sacred union between your Divine Masculine and Feminine energy. Each of us has both of these energies within us, and when they become out of balance and working against each other, it begins to create unstable footing, and like life feels like a constant battle. It is in this union we can be the most balanced divine version of ourselves.

Healthy Energy Feminine: Open to receive, Follows pleasures, is tender and nurturing, intuitive, knows the connection to all, wisdom and fertility. The intuition and wisdom of the feminine is a powerful ally and when surrendered to can give you the guidance, faith and trust in yourself, the world and others. She guides you in the right direction each time; you just have to be still and listen. Through the healthy feminine is the connection to the otherworlds like ancestral realms. When out of balance, the feminine loses the love for herself, trust, her openness and softness, she loses self-respect and discernment. Do you know if your Feminine energy is in its divine place and balanced? Are you open to receiving love and pleasure? Where can you in your life receive more pleasure and love? The feminine is playful and joyous, where can you be more of this in your life? She is free-flowing riding what comes by, where can you let go of control? The feminine is earth, primal and nature; She is Mother Nature. When was the last time you spent connecting with your primal natural self?

Healthy Masculine Energy: Has a gentle yet strong presence which brings peace and stability. The masculine is a protector and knows his power, yet uses it in a way that does no harm. Are you using your power or giving it away? Where are you allowing moments to overpower you or people take your power? The masculine is a strong leader, where are you too scared to speak your truth and do you know your truth? What do you value, what are your goals? The masculine knows it needs to be clear on its mission and set a firm container to hold space for the feminine. It knows that with a firm container things will get done which means the feminine can enjoy her joy and pleasure more, which aids in a feeling of freedom for both. The masculine isn’t afraid of the unknown and enjoys an adventure with a curious mind. With self-belief and aligned intention, it knows with action, and it can succeed. The Masculine is linked with the sky; Father sky, the cosmos. Our protector and provider.

When you are working and living in Divine sacred union, you will begin to find things just happen and flow with ease. This divine union is a catalyst for healing, abundance and peace. When we balance the Divine Masculine and Feminine within come to the union we can begin to re-write our story.

Many blessings,