Recent musings

I stopped offering reiki sessions and only taught a handful of people because, to be honest, it didn't feel right, it didn't feel authentic, and intuitively I was tapping into more at the time. I never shared why I stopped; I just followed my intuition, but now I feel the desire to share my thoughts around the journey.


I didn't want to keep teaching a surface-based energy healing that wasn't going further into the depths of healing. It also didn't sit well with me that it wasn't my lineage, and in the west, we claimed it to be a 1-2 day workshop, and we could magically heal people like a god.


I went on a soul journey with my energy healing practice; this uneasy feeling took me on a path of ancestral and generational healing and a hunger to learn more about my ancestor's ways of healing.


I wanted to learn from them the Celtic way, the ancient practice. Through this, I realised that connection to elements, directions, source, Earth and bringing that into a way of life creating Awen - a source of creative inspiration, or a way of source/spirit/god (whatever your lingo) Is vital for our mind, body + spirit health.


The Celtic healing techniques and how vital it is to check into our energy and spirit realms, what is happening there that is linked to us, or we have created a misalignment. Without looking further into areas outside of us, we become disassociated from all we are connected to and the web of life.


On top of Awen and healing techniques, it is also vital to be balanced with the elements, directions, gods, goddesses, Earth etc. Without giving thanks and living in respect, we enter the wastelands, and that is when nature is struggling; we are disconnected, and it is like a literal wasteland for our soul.


I hope this clarifies where I am with energy healings and my work and why I don't do Reiki anymore. I still do energy healing, and I feel it is potent because it is aligned with my lineage and ancestors. I am sure Reiki is a much deeper practise when with someone from that lineage or learnt directly from the line.


I encourage anyone interested in energy healing or any healing that you look into your ancestral lineage first.

If you feel your soul is called to a lineage other than yours, make sure you learn directly from that culture and always in reverence of their teachings.

I look forward to continuing my Celtic healing journey and lifelong path of learning.

I feel I could go into more depth about this as it is something I am passionate about bringing awareness too. I hope you enjoyed the little insight into my journey and the importance of knowing your ancestral lineage or working with a healer who knows theirs.

Hello beauty! Happy Spring Equinox and full moon!

What a magical time right now, I know it may not feel like it with all that is happening in the world which is why this is the most important time right now. The equinox invites us to feel into the magic of life and nature and all we are naturally gifted and surrounded by. I feel this is such a vital pivoting point in our lives, with all the noise and chaos outside of our little family unit and it effecting our family directly due to restrictions and making moving a little more difficulty.

I am excited to welcome in some magic and to re-center into our dreams and feel our souls come alive and lighter. I mean anytime to celebrate, have fun, build joy and encourage the growth into our dreams is a celebration worth being had. YAY!

So how are we celebrating the Spring Equinox in our home?

Today we began with a meditation and some journalling. We had warm drinks and did some reading. We continued reading our kid's herb book and learning more about how to connect with herbs, use them medicinally and honour their magic.

The rest of the day is as follows -

Baking spring goods - Isobel is baking some delicious hot cross buns and cupcakes for some yummy treats to enjoy during our Spring Equinox ceremony.

I cut out some paper eggs and flowers, with these we will write out our intentions and dreams/goals for this season. We will decorate them and hang them up as a garland, replacing out Autumn Equinox paper chain.