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We follow the southern hemisphere wheel of the year in Celtic traditions, and coming up on the 2nd of February is the celebration of Lughnasadh (loo-Nah-sah). The celebration of the end of summer, the harvest and honouring the welcome of Autumn. The Celtic celebrations honour the light and dark, and they cycle the year as the light comes and goes through the year.

Since Celtic day began at dusk, the celebration is the evening before the calendar, which makes it the celebration the 1st of February. Lughnasadh marks the start of the discernible plunge of the Sun into the haziness of winter. From the association between the Soil (female guideline) and the Sun (male rule), the marriage of the Sky Father (Sun God) with the Soil Mother we celebrated at Bealtaine begins to show the full bloom of the natural fruits and grains.

Lughnasadh is a time of bliss and joy in celebration of the first fruits. It is additionally a time of pressure since the dark days of winter are coming closer. The God of the harvest is the Green Man (also known as John Barleycorn). He sacrifices himself each year in arrange to empower human life on Earth. His passing is grieved with wreaths brightened with poppies or cornflowers in a few zones. The grain is cut, a portion of it goes into bread and nourishment; another portion is put away absent and utilized as seeds following spring to form.

Just as this celebration is a farewelling of the Sun, the beginning season of Autumn and harvest, it is also connected to the Celtic Gods. Lughnasadh is a ritual and ceremony of honouring the God Lugh, a feast in his name and athletic games in honour of Laughs mother, Tailtiu.

Lughnasadh dates back to prehistoric times; the name "Lughnasadh" comes from the Celtic sun god Lugh. (Pronounced LOO.) The name Lugh means "Shining One." Lou's unique mission as a sun god was to keep the Sun in control and not burn us. Therefore, this time when the Sun first sets are related to him. However, Lou was not just a sun god; He was also the patron saint of all craftsmen, including metalworkers, musicians, sorcerers, healers, and warriors.

Lugh is also known as Lugh Samil dánach (multi-skilled person) and Lugh Lámhfada (with long arm). There is debate among the authors whether this points to Lugh's magic spear or the sunshine. Lou has been worshipped primarily on hills, hills, or peaks, like Hermes and Mercury, the Greek and Roman equivalents. The Lughnasadh plant is any form of grain or corn and thus any crop in the field or garden.

Although Lugh becomes a golden child glaringly, the situations of his start have been weird. His father, Cian of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and his mother Ethlin, daughter of Balor, of the Fomorians. It needed to have been an ideal match, uniting the two tribes. However, there has been one intense problem; Ethlin becomes forbidden to ever have children with the aid of using her father, Balor. This became because Balor had been given a prophecy from a sorcerer that his grandson could kill him. Balor's solution? Lock his daughter in a tower and maintain her far from all men.

Balor's plan didn't work. Eslin was already in love with the powerful and dashing Cyan. So he used the sneaky Rapunzel tactics to find a way to enter this tower. When Eslin became pregnant, Tuatha Dé Danan knew there was a problem. Valor tried to kill the baby. Cian and Ethlin were kidnapped on a nearby island. Then, when Lou was born, he was given to the Harvest Goddess Talitiu (pronounced TALTU). She raised the baby Lou and turned him into a fine young man.

Poor Tailtiu! She had a lot of work to do. Tailtiu, the goddess of grain, had to clear all Irish fields for cultivation before harvesting the crops. As she grew older, her burden became too great. Finally, on the 1st of August, the poor goddess collapsed and died of fatigue.

Lugh wanted to honour his foster mother. She had requested that only celebrations, with happiness and no grieving, should commemorate her death. And so, Lugh held an excellent harvest feast. There were games, drinking and merrymaking. (Arguably, this could have been the first Irish wake. As is well known, these wakes lasted for days and were devoted to the celebration. )

So how do you celebrate in Present times

Offerings - Offer the first harvest of fruits to the Gods Lugh and the Green Man, the Goddesses Talitu and Mother Earth. You may do this as an offering outside amongst the lush abundance of the season, or maybe you would like to create an altar. These offerings bring hope for lasting crops through the winter and call in protection for the crops to be healthful.

Poetry- Write poetry to celebrate the season, the weather, the abundance.

Bake and feast- Take time to bake a loaf of bread or cake in honour of the grain and Lugh. Share over a feast in honour of Lugh and Talitui, share a beer with family and friends in honour of the grain, the radiance and the golden glow of Lugh.

Ceremony- Create a ceremony with all above and drumming, dancing, singing, chanting, and sharing in joy and radiance.

Music to listen to

Lammas - Lisa Theil

Lughnasadh dance - Damh The Bard

Lughnasadh - Damh The Bard

We love to keep things simple but rich with tradition, intention and reverence.

Many wished and abundant blessing for your Lughnasadh

There is a difference in Mother and Mothering energy both important, both vital for radiant living as a Mama. Coming to the centre between the two energies is like coming home for Mamas. We can feel whole, balanced, connected and energised. We can feel life pulsing through our cells, creation and grounded all at once. So what are Mother and Mothering energy? Isn't it the act of being a mother and tending for little ones and a home? This is what society tells us it is, but many depths and layers go unseen, unfelt, unconnected yet desired, needed and craved for. Mamas are in a constant state of yearning, and the reason is because of the imbalance in their Mother and Mothering energy.

Mothering energy - The act of doing

Mothering energy is the act of doing, and it is the mental energy of being a mother. This space and energy are where so many of us spend our time; we have multiple tabs open with lists of what we need to do. Most mental energy sounds a lot like this "the bathroom needs to be cleaned, I need to buy nappies for Billy, The power bill needs to be paid, I should work out, I am getting unfit, We need to eat healthier foods, we will start that new routine today". The mental load seems never to end, which it doesn't because being a Mama doesn't end. But, if left unchecked, it can become out of balance, and you will begin to spiral into a descent as the energy of the mother calls you home, calls you to your body and your inner wisdom as a mother. Without knowing what this descent is for and being conditioned to be in the mind, you can begin to feel like it is a spiral out of control; you are losing your mind and grasp on being the perfect mother. When you have a conscious awareness of the energy and the portal you are being called to, you can begin to alchemise your energy and way of being and doing to bring homeostasis back to your systems.

Mother energy - The act of being

Mother energy is the act of being, and it is the body and soul energy of a mother. Mother energy is in the heart and sacral energy of your body. When you anchor in the energy of these portals, you can nourish and nurture from a full cup. It is vital for Mama's health and radiance that you often drop into Mother energy; better yet, she lives, breathes, and beats from this energy.

Both the energy of the Mother and Mothering have their purpose and benefits. When a mother can balance these energies and conscious awareness of where she is, she will be a radiant, fully embodied mother—no longer living in an exhausted, frustrated, soul worn out place. When we gift ourselves the balance, this is where we can love being in motherhood. But, on the other hand, it becomes tiring if we sit in our minds with our motherhood and we begin to despise and not enjoy it anymore.

Most Mama's I have worked with have thrived with a balance of 80% Mother energy and 20% mothering energy. Some a little more and some a little less; I am the best Mama I can be when I sit at around an 85% mother and 15% mothering energy. Because I run my own business, I am healthiest and most balanced in my motherhood when I drop into Mother energy, and I am intensely in my body. Of course, I can feel the pleasure and the pain of motherhood much more in this balance, but that is the beauty of being in the Mother energy and growing, healing and connecting.

So how do you balance these energies?

You begin to bring macro awareness to these energies and how you are through your days, how you interact with the world, how you feel. Through this awareness, you begin to have micro awareness and pick up in day to day moments if you are sitting more in mother or mothering energy.

I recommend grabbing yourself a journal and each night asking yourself these questions.

  • How much was I in my mothering mind, thoughts, thinking energy?

  • How much was I in my mother being, feeling, body energy?

  • Am I mentally exhausted?

  • Am I soul exhausted? Does my soul crave something else?

  • How focused was I on DOING things today?

  • How many times did I allow myself to be fully in the moment?

When you feel you understand the energies, where you are sitting within the balance and desire to sit in harmony, you can start to make changes and alchemise your motherhood to feel more connected, whole, radiant and pleasurable.

In Alchemy we go over ways I love to alchemise my mother and mothering energies. As I mentioned, most of us sit in mothering energy in motherhood, so let's dive into the activities that help alchemise and bring that back into balance.

Much love

I stopped offering reiki sessions and only taught a handful of people because, to be honest, it didn't feel right, it didn't feel authentic, and intuitively I was tapping into more at the time. I never shared why I stopped; I just followed my intuition, but now I feel the desire to share my thoughts around the journey.


I didn't want to keep teaching a surface-based energy healing that wasn't going further into the depths of healing. It also didn't sit well with me that it wasn't my lineage, and in the west, we claimed it to be a 1-2 day workshop, and we could magically heal people like a god.


I went on a soul journey with my energy healing practice; this uneasy feeling took me on a path of ancestral and generational healing and a hunger to learn more about my ancestor's ways of healing.


I wanted to learn from them the Celtic way, the ancient practice. Through this, I realised that connection to elements, directions, source, Earth and bringing that into a way of life creating Awen - a source of creative inspiration, or a way of source/spirit/god (whatever your lingo) Is vital for our mind, body + spirit health.


The Celtic healing techniques and how vital it is to check into our energy and spirit realms, what is happening there that is linked to us, or we have created a misalignment. Without looking further into areas outside of us, we become disassociated from all we are connected to and the web of life.


On top of Awen and healing techniques, it is also vital to be balanced with the elements, directions, gods, goddesses, Earth etc. Without giving thanks and living in respect, we enter the wastelands, and that is when nature is struggling; we are disconnected, and it is like a literal wasteland for our soul.


I hope this clarifies where I am with energy healings and my work and why I don't do Reiki anymore. I still do energy healing, and I feel it is potent because it is aligned with my lineage and ancestors. I am sure Reiki is a much deeper practise when with someone from that lineage or learnt directly from the line.


I encourage anyone interested in energy healing or any healing that you look into your ancestral lineage first.

If you feel your soul is called to a lineage other than yours, make sure you learn directly from that culture and always in reverence of their teachings.

I look forward to continuing my Celtic healing journey and lifelong path of learning.

I feel I could go into more depth about this as it is something I am passionate about bringing awareness too. I hope you enjoyed the little insight into my journey and the importance of knowing your ancestral lineage or working with a healer who knows theirs.