Natasha is a potent shamanic healer that works with traditional Irish & Scottish healing, vibrational energy, spirit and Earth and works within your energy field to shift what is holding back your inner light.


Shamanic Healing sessions


Womb + Heart Healing

Shamanic healing for your womb and heart essence

What may be received

  • Energetic womb healing

  • Reconnecting heart-womb flow

  • Past life womb healing

  • Mother lineage healing

  • Divine feminine healing and connection

  • Shamanic womb journey

  • Womb breath-work

  • Fight + Flight reset

  • Journey to Goddesses

  • Journey to your inner Goddess archetypes

  • Rite of the womb

    You will often be given integration work to do in your own time.


Image by Amelia Bartlett

Re-connect to Her


Three healings to re-connect to your heart and womb essence

Receive everything in the Womb + Divine healing.


Go on a deeper journey, this is a lovely way to receive a longer container of healing with me.



Celtic Shamanic Healing

This healing is for when you are unsure where to begin but desire a healing session.

What may be received

  • Fight + Flight reset

  • Past life healing

  • Soul contract healing

  • Soul retrieval

  • Power retrieval

  • Balance the 3 cauldrons

  • Walk the ancestral line

  • Shamanic journey to retrieve wisdom

  • Clearing the 5 directions

  • Natasha may journey with spirit to see what may be coming up for you

    You will often be given integration work to do in your own time.


Image by Lina Trochez

Spiritual Awakening


Three healings clearing density and blocks within your energy and guide you on your spiritual journey.

Receive everything in the Celtic Shamanic healing session.

A lovely way to receive on going support on your healing journey.


What people say...

Katie Talbot

Natasha is a beautiful soul and her ability to calm you even with just her presence is amazing. Her healings always leave me feeling relaxed and grounded. Her readings always resonate and the way she connects with the divine is simply magic. I would highly recommend Natasha for your energy healing or reading needs

Lizzie Ruddle

There were so many synchronicities all around the session!
I moved my hands from my tummy to my heart in the same moment you spoke about my solar plexus and heart space ❤ I could feel the energy moving away from my ankles and then you said you were releasing the shackles... so many other beautiful moments 😭❤

I feel so much lighter already. I am so so amazed at how divine & accurate and the session was. Definitely treating myself to another 1:1 in the future 😊😊😊🌺💗

Emily McDougall

I have had healingand my cards read by Tash and she is amazing at both. I felt so comfortable and relaxed during my healing session, I can't wait to come back for more