I am Natasha Rose


Welcome beauty, Yay so happy you are here!


I am a passionate woman who works in healing the feminine and masculine balance in the world.


I am here to lead women back to their radiant self. Reconnecting to their true essence + pleasure.

Giving you the freedom to live life in your fullest pleasure.

My purpose

I am here to bring the feminine back into motherhood, the full spectrum of what it is to be a fully embodied mother. Embodying the full spectrum of the feminine, spirituality, sexuality, being present, creativity, seasonal living.  I also help you learn how to alchemise your energy field and step back into your body to shift your state of life.


Reclaim all the parts of you and fully step into your feminine power, unapologetically creating your life around your truest desires, pleasures and joy.

I believe you can do this through ancestral reconnection, energy healing, mentoring and somatic breathwork with movement, feminine embodiment practices, ceremony and connection to spirit and earth.

We call back all of your vibrational energy fields, we call on your inner power, and we release any blocks that are holding you stagnant.

We transmute all this energy into the woman, mother and feeling you desire to be so you can fully embody HER.

I serve you to...

- Call back all your power and energy

- Manifest and embody your desires

- Get you out of your head and into your body

- Strengthen your intuition and connecting you to your spirit guides

- Re-wild and connect with Earth-based Spiritual Wisdom

- Re-calibrate your nervous system, putting it into rest, digest and heal

- Soften into your divine feminine essence while also creating a healthy masculine

- Guide you to intentional and conscious living

- Bring more flow and ease into your life through cyclic living

I feel like I have been re-birthed, it a

My Mission

Is to hold space for mothers to come home to themselves and allow their inner light to shine so bright they become magnetic to everything they wish to manifest.

By healing each woman, each womb and each ancestral lineage, we heal many generations past and future. We repair the human race by healing generational patterns and balancing the masculine and feminine energy. We treat mother earth, our original mother and our home and great spirit with respect and reverence.

I want to heal as many women and their connection to their womb, sacred body temple, ancestral lineage and spirit as I possibly can. I want every woman to feel what it is like to come home into her body, feminine energy fully and ancestral knowing. Guiding them to bring this into Motherhood and their children's lives. 

I want women to feel heard. Felt. Seen and held. I want women to feel celebrated in all of their essences no matter what they embody.

My Story

I have always been a highly driven woman, achieving and striving for the best I can be. I was trying to live life to the fullest. After becoming a Mum myself and my husband working away all the time, I burnt myself out.

I never stopped to enjoy each small pleasure, and I lost connection to spirit, I was in my head or outwardly focused I became disconnected from my body. Eventually hitting the darkest year of my life in 2016, I was so exhausted, my soul was exhausted, and I became disconnected from all areas of my life. I no longer wanted to be in my home with my family, and I wanted to leave, I was continuously watching TV not participating in life; I was in full escapism.

That was scary not only for me but also for my family. I knew something needed to change, I tried all the tools I already knew and used, but they were not helping to the degree I needed it too. That was until I decided to remember my roots, my ancestral wisdom from our lineage of Celtic Shamanic Witchcraft and connecting to the lineage of the women and their teachings in my family. I re-discovered the somatic movement and embodiment, I began to link it with energy healing. This healing modality very rapidly changed my life, and within only a few months, I was more myself than I had been in years.

I am deeply passionate about helping other women who are feeling the same as I was. My mission is to combine all my personal, ancestral and professional wisdom together and to work with women to help them bring out their inner essence and increasing their energy, improving their relationship to their bodies and connection to spirit.


"Re-connecting with my inner feminine wisdom and ancestral wisdom changed my life"

My Training

- Holistic Counseling Diploma (Health and Harmony College)

- Ancestral Celtic lineage of witchcraft and plant medicine women,

                now teaching a new generation in our lineage (My children)

- Master Aromatherapist Specialising in Ante and Post Natal Diploma (Australian College of Aromatherapy)

- Reiki 1 + 2, Master/Teacher, Usui Reiki Lineage (Valerie Guido)

- Dying & Grieving Consciously (Four Winds Society)

- Metaphysical Adept training (Moondaughter)

- Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher (Lisa Powers)

- Access Conscious bars practitioner training (Sarah Be)

- Training Bean Feasa (Woman of Knowledge) with An Tine Croi The Celtic School of Healing Arts

Plus many years working with in the field with healings, readings, holding sacred space and workshops