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Cosmic Feminine Connection is a community brought together by Natasha Rose

All the Cosmic Sister Goddesses in the one place where we can lift each other up and be radiant!

If you are looking for a sisterhood connection that will help you rise and be fully radiant than Cosmic Feminine Connection is for you.

What if you could...

Have fellow like-minded Cosmic Sister Goddesses at the tip of your fingertips?

Have unlimited access to women's wisdom - think earth spirituality, womb wisdom, divine feminine wisdom and so much more!

Feel the most radiant, abundant, sensual and cosmic than you ever thought possible!

Be part of a spiritual community with a feed full of high vibe, positive posts!

What if you could have all that and more!

Come play in the Cosmic Feminine Connection Playground and you CAN have ALL this plus MORE!

Is Cosmic Feminine Connection for you?

Are you looking for sisterhood connection?

Are you wanting to feel RADIANT and RECLAIM HER FEMININE ENERGY?

Do you want to dive into women's ancient wisdom, womb mysteries and Divine Feminine?

Do you LOVE Earth spirituality, Energy healing, Divine Feminine Teachings, Crystals, Card Readings, Essential Oils, Dancing and all things new age mixed with ancient spirituality?

 Do you want to expand and grow your consciousness?

Do you desire more deep soul conversations?

Do you put self-care as your number one priority or would like to start.

Do you want to raise their vibrations and chase the life they want?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions then Cosmic Feminine Connection is for you!

Come play in Cosmic Feminine Connections Playground!

  • Each month you will dive into divine feminine, womb wisdom topic

  • Each month you will reclaim more and more of your feminine energy becoming the most radiant version of yourself

  • Bi-weekly sisterhood circles Live video

  • You will connect with sisters in your area and all over. That have similar values, morals, beliefs, and interests. Value Priceless

  • You will be supported, loved and celebrated in your life by your fellow sisters.


Hi I am Natasha Rose, founder of Cosmic Feminine Connection

I created Cosmic Feminine Connection from the experience of moving around a lot and not having a like-minded community around me every time.

Each time I was in a town that I couldn't find like-minded sisters it became very lonely. It can be hard when everyone around you doesn't really get you or your passions.

When I heard the whisper of Cosmic Feminine Connection I set it up on Facebook and was excited to start finding other women to connect with.

I am excited to have a high vibe community that I can now share with other women. I hope you come to play and build it with me.

Your womb holds so much deep wisdom for

Come be a Cosmic Feminine

Sister Today!

Re-connect with ancient wisdom

Learn your womb wisdom

Rise up with sisters

Be Fully Radiant

Totally Magnetic

Create Magic

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