Essential oils

Essential oils for your mind - body - spirit

Take back your own authority over your health

Why I love essential oils

I was luckily enough to grow up with my Mum putting essential oils into the oil burner most days so they were not something to new to me. However what I did not know was how powerful they were in a therapeutic sense. Once I learnt this I jumped in two feet planted on the ground and Frankincense slathered all over me. I dove right into learning all that I could which lead me to doing my Aromatherapy diploma.

What I love in bullet point (because time saver)

  • They are all natural (if you get the right brand)

  • They are gentle

  • They are adaptable

  • They work on a cellular level

  • You can use them to re-write brain/thought patterns

  • They have many properties for healing

  • You can use them for mind, body and spirit

  • They work really well on an energetic level



a Latin derivative meaning

“Gift of the Earth.”