For the mother who desires to reclaim herself and explore her inner universe.

Re-connect to all of you, call back your energy. Activate your womb and heart space.

Spark joy and pleasure in your life.

You are already an embodied radiant woman, this program helps you to step back into that radiant energy.


A shamanic journey exploring your inner universe.

Immerse in the energy of the feminine and spiritual healing for 14 days.

Tap into the energy of your inner joy, warrior, feminine, masculine and each of your energy bodies.

Become a more embodied woman who shines all the parts of herself because she is confident in all of her being.

🌹 Become a woman who is embodied and emotionally intelligent

🌹 Call in your energy from places it has been taken or given away

🌹 Meet your Inner Feminine + Masculine essence
🌹 Learn your different energy bodies + how they feel to you
🌹 Meet your Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother, Crone
🌹 Learn cyclic living so you can manage your energy in more flow

🌹 Go on a womb journey + heal your womb energetically

🌹 Learn self womb massage + breast massage
🌹 Soothe your nervous system - Step out of fight + flight and into rest + digest
🌹 Activate your creativity + pleasure
🌹 Learn a Celtic Healing for releasing emotions
🌹 Marry yourself in commitment promise ceremony
🌹 Receive a womb ceremony


I have enjoyed every moment of exploring, learning and experiencing beautiful ceremonies, rituals, meditations and traditions full of self discovery and healing. It's taken me on a journey deeper than I expected, it's opened and touched me in ways I had not yet experienced.

So many pieces I can take with me now and call upon in the future, things I can pass on to my children. To help me grow and be the woman I was born to be.

Natasha is a wonderful healer and teacher, her passion and ability to hold space is divine and medicine to my soul.

Thank you for igniting that fire in my soul, nourishing my feminine divine and providing a safe place where I could start trusting to express my true self.



— Jayde Parkman

The magic you receive!


🌙 Daily live calls for 14 days - Set aside 1 hour


🌙 Embodiment or meditation practices


🌙 Private FB group for support + sisterhood


🌙 A beautiful 84 page workbook


🌙 Access to the calls and practices to come back to

Pay in full


Pre-recorded version - Self-led program