Intuitive Readings

What are Intuitive readings?

Readings are done via distance, please upload a recent photo of yourself on the booking form.

Natasha is a highly intuitive and skilled shamanic healer which assists her in the readings she does for people. Via distance, Natasha will tap into your energy field and have a discussion with your highest self, spirit guides and or angels. Once Natasha has received messages she will pull some cards to gain any more messages and extra clarity.

When she is finished with your reading she will record it via video/audio and email you a link to the file. You can then have access to your reading whenever you may want to listen to it.

When booking your session please be aware that your reading can take up to five days after your booking date to appear in your inbox.


What does a reading do for me?
In Natasha's readings she mostly receives information like;

- Your blocks and how to shift them

- Self-care rituals you may be needing

- Any guides that might be with you strongly in this time

- Depending on what you choose it can be feminine based or general

- Natasha can pick up on things you are needing confirmation or direction with

What Natasha won't do;

- Tell you if you should stay with your partner or get back together

- Serious health issues that need a professional

- Predict your future with certainty. You have the freedom of will.

Types of readings

General guidance

This reading is perfect for when you are not sure what you want a reading for but you just know you are being called to have one done. You do have the option to share your intention or question.

Divine Feminine reading

This reading is great if you are wanting to delve into working with your feminine energy and learn about what Goddesses are with you right now.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

A reading is never a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling. For those who are suffering severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, or other ailments, please contact Professional Medical and/or Psychological Services in your area.

The information provided in a reading is not legally binding. I can assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my readings.

This reading is provided only at the request of the person for whom it was prepared, and for entertainment purposes only. The person requesting this reading affirms they are at least 18 years of age.