Kangen water

Kangen translates to "Return to origin"

What is Kangen water?

Kangen water is pure, clean, hydrogen-rich and electrolysed-reduced drinking water.

Kangen machine is a Japanese medical-grade water ioniser that can attach to any household tap—transforming your drinking water into the purest hydrating, medical-grade drinking water on the planet. As well as six other Ph settings used for over 100 uses in the home including disinfecting and beauty.

The Kangen ioniser creates a spectrum of waters from strong alkalised water to strong acidic water; the Kangen ioniser can replace household cleaning products, personal care, bottled water, and so many others.

Helping achieve health, sustainable and eco-living, ditching chemicals and reducing plastic waste for us and the planet.

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Kangen water is an abundant anti-oxidant because it is hydrogen-rich. 

Hydrogen-rich water has the smallest molecule in the world, small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier. As a result, molecular Hydrogen (H2) is the most selective & potent anti-oxidant known to man.

Molecular hydrogen helps neutralise the hydroxyl free radicals that cause damage to our cells and DNA.

A known anti-oxidant is vitamin C which, to absorb into our bodies it needs to go through the digestive system before it even makes it to our bloodstream. H2 is a gas which means molecular hydrogen bypasses the digestion making it more efficient than vitamin C.

As molecular hydrogen is a gas, it starts working as soon as you digest it, and it freely flows throughout your body, neutralising free radicals and turning them into H2o, healing and hydrating you all at once.

Through the cycle of electrolysis, your faucet water becomes Hydrogen-rich Kangen Water®.



cellular hydration

Kangen water goes through a process called electrolysis reduced water; this means the machine uses electricity to create the hydrogen molecules, which are small enough to hydrate you on a cellular level and pass through the blood-brain barrier.


As a result, Kangen water permeates our cells faster and more profound than regular water giving us more hydration and helps us to absorb more nutrients from our food and supplements.

This water will not bloat you or slosh around in your stomach as it absorbs into your cells right away and is so much lighter in your system.

Inner seasons - Menstural cycle awareness


It is well known that disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment. However, what isn't well known is the difference between alkaline and alkalised water.

Alkaline water has undergone a chemical change; companies will add chemicals to tap water, put it in a plastic bottle and market it as alkaline water. They are not falsely marketing, but this water they create is dead, toxic and contributing on a large scale to the single-use plastic epidemic.

Kangen water is alkalised; it reaches this Ph through the electrolysis process in the Kangen machine. Using the minerals already in your water, electricity, and titanium platinum dipped plates is a natural process.


During this alkalisation, there is a molecular change rather than a chemical one. True alkalised water does not disrupt the Ph balance of our stomach acid or blood; however, long term consumption of bottled alkaline water will.


Hydrogen-rich water is known to exhibit a negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).


When our bodies are in homeostasis, it is always sitting on the low or negative ORP values. Therefore, drinking sodas, tap water or other high ORP liquids can raise the body ORP and cause harm to our energy and cell membranes.


Just like pH is important, ORP values are an important measurment for determining the quality of water.


Straight out of the K8, 9.5 Kangen water has an ORP of -850; however with time the ORP drops to around -400, which is still an extremely powerful antioxidant.

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A deeper look into the science.


This video is perfect if you want to learn more about how the Kangen machine works, the many pH settings and how to use them. The health benefits of molecular hydrogen and more.