Aroma Reiki Healing - What is it?

Oh my goodness! Aroma Reiki is my jam it combines two of my passions into one healing modality! I actually didn't realise this was a thing until I started intuitively working essential oils into my reiki sessions. I was so excited by the results I was getting I went on a deep dive learning all about the subtle energetics of essential oils. Turns out it is a relatively quiet topic yet just like I had experienced those that are using it are having amazing results.

So what is it in sessions with me and what does it really mean?

Pretty much a session with me is a Reiki energy healing with essential oils incorporated. I use them in spray or anointing oil form. You take this personal roller or mist bottle home so you can continue to use the essential oils and receive ongoing healing or energetic support.

How do essential oils work energetically?

Essential oils are just like everything else in the universe they each have their vibrational frequency and when used in a therapeutic setting can help balance, heal, clear, boost our energies within our own bodies and energy fields. When I use them in a subtle energy setting I use very little essential oils because when you use too much it can actually have the opposite effect and even not work at all. So less is more when working with essential oils energetically.

So why would I get Aroma Reiki?

  • Aroma Reiki has many benefits of the same as Reiki does (please read more here) however it is supercharged with the essential oils.

  • Aroma Reiki can be more specific to your healing intentions during your session.

  • You receive the benefits of essential oils.

  • You can take your personalised roller or mist spray home and continue the healing at home. Creating longer lasting shifts and changes.

Aroma Reiki can be done via distance as energy isn't constrained by time or space. If you book Aroma Reiki distance I will post your healing mist or roller.

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