Coming home to my roots

For a long time, I have been following my heart and intuition. I have been drawn to many different paths in my spiritual soul journey, yet always with a similar theme. As I am drawn even deeper into my ancestral Irish and Scottish roots, I realise how each part I have been shown by spirit is something my ancestors have done in the past. Even the parts that seem Eastern in their roots have relevance from when my ancestors travelled to the East, but also each indigenous culture has their version of chakras, meridians etc. Even recently, I learnt how the Australian Aboriginal people also have reverence for the stone people ancestors, just as the Scottish and Irish do. This realisation has allowed me to soften into what I have learnt and know that it is still so deeply rooted in all of my ancestor's knowledge.

I am still actively aware of cultural appropriation, and it is still a big thing in areas of the new age spiritual community. I can not stress it enough that when you are on your soul journey, and searching for answers always look into your ancestral lineage first. If you find a path that is outside of your ancestral way still just as you would with your ancestral wisdom, make sure you have reverence for any path you take, always giving thanks and having a deep appreciation for each way.

Learning my ancestral wisdom and deepening my connection to my ancestors has been a beautiful experience, and I know it will keep blossoming. It has a strong feeling of coming home, feeling held and supported and knowing I always have someone with me. It has soothed my inner child and invigorated my inner woman. I have two ways I recommend tuning into your ancestors.

1. Know your lineage where did your blood ancestors come from? Do the research and then read up on their mythology, dream stories, Gods and Goddesses, How did they live, What did they value. Learn about the shadow and light, accepting the bad with the good in your history.

2. Tune in – Get still. That is the biggest advice I have to give. I am always about becoming still to hear, see, feel etc. In our busy modern lives, we are so busy and distracted even from ourselves and our feelings and values that how can we expect to connect with our ancestors in the spirit realms if we can't connect to ourselves. So get still.

Many blessings,

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