Cyclic living and the rat race we live in today

Super quick one today, I just want to be keeping in touch and share snippets of what topics can be covered in workshops and 1:1 sessions.

This evening I wanted to chat about cyclic living and how it can benefit you. Cyclic living is when you are living with the seasons of the universe. Some of the seasons are the seasons of the year, circadian rhythm, moon phases and for women we have our menstrual cycles. Cyclic living is learning how to embrace these cycles and use them to your benefit.

For example your menstrual cycle (if you do not have one or it is irregular you can work with the moon) can play a huge role in how we feel and operate. If you can tap into this cycle and chart your emotions, energy levels, productivity, awareness, softness etc you can harness the magic within and really use it for your advantage.

When you have your cycle charted and you know your ups and downs you will know when is a good time to 'go get em' and a good time to rest and chill. You will know the time to go and work outward chasing your dreams and when the time is to sit back reflect and see how the progress to dreams is going.

If we live in go go go all the time we will burn out, don't you think? I know for myself and experience I burnt out bad because I felt like I needed to be on top of the world and 'go get em' all the time to be successful. However that is the quickest way to reach exhaustion and a point where you can't keep going.

Learning what cycles, rhythms and seasons are within your hours, day, year, life, body, mind and spirit is essential to avoiding burn out.

"Just as moon has a dark phase and light phase so do you my dear" I am light and dark It is safe for me to be all that I am My cycle shows me my wisdom

Much Love

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