How "should" is holding you back

I am sitting here with a hot carob mushroom drink (recipe below) and just taking a moment for everything I am and everything I have achieved. We put so much emphasise on the things we SHOULD be doing or have done that we forget what we actually have achieved.

How many time through a day do you say “I should…” I should go for a run, I should eat healthier, I should meditate, I should study, I should, I should, I should. I used to say it all the time and of course I still say it now, it is a hard word and habit to drop. I personally found “I should” was holding me back in so many ways in my life.

As soon as I said “I should” my little inner child stomped her foot so hard and very stubbornly refused. This made for some pretty big internal conflict and some deep feelings of shame, guilt, feeling shitty and lazy within myself. Which starts a whole other cycle of how I feel about myself. This huge bucket of emotions were activated as soon as “I should” was said, causing me to hold back in so many areas.

I now in the mornings instead of saying “I should be doing yoga, meditation and journalling”, I take the pressure off. I sit silently one hand on my womb and the other on my heart. I ask my soul and body what she needs in this very moment. Sometimes the answer will be to just sit still other times it will be to move my hips, breathe, roar, moan, stretch, cry. Whatever she wants and needs I allow it flow and I feel into it.

This has been a transforming experience and I tend to show up for myself easier and more because their is so much less resistance. I invite you to try dropping the “I should”, let me know how you go.

Coming up…

My family and I are heading off on the road traveling for two months. I will share snippets on my Instagram and Facebook page. If you want to follow along closely you can find our travel page at trippinwiththeholts on both FB and Insta. I will still be doing distant healing and reading services while we are on the road so please if you need a session book in, I don’t want you to feel like you have to wait.

When we are back in October – Women’s learning circles Circles for women based on women’s spirituality and personal development Meditation circles Feeling Wednesday evenings to get you through the week (this may be an online or in person offering, I haven’t decided) New products for the modern day Goddess.

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