Masculine and Feminine energy working in synergy

Today I have a meeting and if I was to be truly honest I am a little nervous about it. It is something I haven’t done before. I haven’t even had a job interview in over 12 years, so this is all new to me. I have so many comments in my head from other people push through the fear, suck it up and do it, just get it done, don’t stress. Oh gosh the list could go on and on.

I am not approaching this meeting in that frame of mind. I am dropping all of those thoughts and mind sets. I feel they haven’t helped me in the past and if anything they boost my nervous energy and set me up for a smack in the face panic attack. I do not want a panic attack nor do I want to go into the meeting as a messy bundle of nerves.

I am approaching this meeting with love and faith. I am bringing in some feminine energy allowing my soul to speak what my true passion is. Allowing my body to feel at ease and flow. Acknowledging the nerves but softening them with a loving breath of universal energy. Feeling my nerves release and unravel as I breathe into the universe and know that  I am safe always. Connecting to faith of myself, that I know what I want to talk about and have good knowledge on the subjects.

I will use my little tool box of essential oils, mindfulness techniques and spirit connection to keep me grounded and at ease. To help me embrace the feminine energy and the soft flow into the meeting. Yet allowing me to have the masculine energy to be active and put action into the mix and have the meeting.

The blending and synergy of the feminine and masculine energy is so beautiful and working with both in life and business seems to be just right. Even writing this my nerves have calmed, I have grounded and I am feeling like I have the ability to do this meeting in a clear mind and calm body. I will leave this document open and come back to it once the meeting is done. I would love to update you on how I go with this approach.

Meeting DONE

Oh gosh I am so glad I put myself out there and organised this meeting. Old patterned thinking and energy had me so frazzled for a little while. Bringing in more feminine energy had me calm and collected. I didn’t rush when I spoke, I could re-call what we spoke about, I wasn’t sweaty or sick in the stomach. It flowed so easily and I walked out still feeling calm and positive.

What did I do? Well as I mentioned above I ditched the old pattern of thinking. These are the steps I did:

Deep breathing

Felt into the feminine and masculine energy working in synergy

I used Spearmint essential oil for confident speech, Rosemary essential oil when practicing my speech to help me anchor in and remember, Frankincense essential oil in the palm of my hand and inhaled deeply grounding me and balancing my nerves.

I believed in myself, my mission, what I had to say and offer. I didn’t question myself.

I was authentic and honest in saying this was the first type of business meeting I have had.

I journaled it in present tense manifesting the meeting and how it would go.

I reminded myself this is more then just me.

This is for ALL the women I can help.

Masculine and Feminine energy working together is harmony. I am looking forward to taking time to work with balancing these energies like this more in my life. Balancing all areas of my life and feeling much more Simple. Slow and Flow within my being.

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