Heavy energy and emotions? How you can move through them

How are you? how has life been for you? I want to send so much love to you and lighten some of the heaviness around you that you might be feeling.

Tonight the subject is based on that ^^^ lifting the heavy energy from our bodies, aura and the space you are in. Sometimes the vibrational energy can feel very dense and heavy. This can make you feel sluggish, heavy, sleepy, foggy, possibly cranky.

You can do something to shift this energy and break it up? You can see an energy healer like me or you can try and shift it yourself or even better do both. Often people immediately think "oh relaxation - a long holiday is what I need or a spa day". However what if it was something different and it often can be that. So think of how you feel when you are sad and unmotivated, you often feel slow, heavy, uninspired. This is because often you really need to shift it a gear and bring in some fun and light energy.

Heavy emotions is simply a dense energy and the way we move them is by - Energy in Motion - Meaning our emotions move when we move. If we sit in them they tend to stay the same and often get worse. Which is why MANY people are always on the go and keeping busy. The issue with keeping busy is that we tend to ignore our emotions/issues which allows them to fester in the subconscious and we either burnout and crash with this or they just hit us out of the blue!

So how do you MOVE this energy? Create a routine you enjoy! My favourite ways personally are dance, trampoline jumping, hula hoop and breathwork. Breathwork and dance for me are the most powerful because they give my mind something to focus on but allow my spirit to drop into my body. Depending on the emotion I can be breathing and roaring out my emotion or I can be singing out my emotion (think sirens of the sea).

If you give it a go and shift your emotions with motion please let me know what you think.

Much love,

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