Learn your inner seasons to create inner flow

Your inner seasons are an ancient wisdom that our ancestors knew and lived by along with the seasons of our Great Mother - Earth. Through the years we have become disconnected from this wisdom, our bodies and Mother Earth. We have treated our bodies and Earth with little love, respect and connection. We as a collective; men and women have forgotten the potency and the gold that women hold within their womb, body and/or menstrual cycle every month. It is time to reclaim our wisdom, re-write the negative stories and truly embrace who we are. Embody our feminine essence and share our wisdom with our loved ones.

We used to in our communities and tribes work together with seasons and cycles. We would follow the seasons of the Earth, the phases of the moon, the cycle of the sun and moon rising and setting, the inner seasons of the women’s hormones and/or menstrual cycle. We were so grounded and in tune that creativity and rest were in flow and we just knew we were held and supported by all around and all within. Tribes used to work together in sync with the wise women in the tribe. They would create when the women were in the creative inner season and they would rest as a tribe collectively when it was their inner winter. We were so in tune with the moon phases that we would have our menstrual cycle synced to the moon. Bleeding on the new moon, traditionally for rest and reflection and ovulating on the full moon, traditionally a time for celebration, feast and creation.

I really wish this is something I was more aware of growing up because with these inner seasons comes a waxing and waning of energy, vitality, outwardness and inwardness. I would always beat myself up that I couldn’t be on the go all the time, trying to push through these moments where I just wanted to go inward and curl up for rest. All the pushing and ignoring my own body cues ended up with me in total burn out.

Can you relate? We are not designed to be on the go ALL the time, to pumping out energy 100% and clocking into work, chores, social events 24/7. We are designed to ebb and flow, our menstrual cycle is a clear sign of that and also the Earth seasons. We can’t keep denying that we are not apart of Earth and that we operate at a ‘higher’ playing field. We are one and the same and just as Earth has winter and Summer we also every month have our own winter and summer, whether we have a womb or not.

We can track and map our inner season simply by taking a moment each day, breathing and tuning into how we are feeling/have felt through the day. A pattern begins to emerge when we map our inner seasons, showing us the way. Showing us the inner wisdom we hold within and guiding us how we can flow with ease through each season and phase.

If this is something that interests you and you feel the call to learn more about your inner seasons. I encourage you to look at Inner seasons : Inner flow

Many blessings,

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