You can avoid burnout by choice

I recently read an article that said women are miserable and it is a myth that they can have balance.

I choose to challenge this because you don’t HAVE to live like this! You have a CHOICE to change it <3

Two and a half years ago I had to get real with myself, my limits, my RIGHT now immediate action goals (keeping my children alive) and work my way up from that. I had to consider what is important and what can slide.

What is my truth and what is a story I have been fed by society or others?

Do I really need to have ALL these projects going on at once in my business?

Do I have to clean the house so it is a show home EVERYDAY?

Can I do my groceries online to make space and time for something else.

Do I have to ALWAYS be with my children showing them my attention 24/7?

Do I have to have perfect meals made all the time?

Will I really fall apart if I stop?

Will my thoughts truly destroy me if I allow myself to slow down?

I have checked in with so many stories and re-wrote them!

Stories like the above and these too…

Do kids in pre-school and primary school really NEED all these outside school activities or can they do none or even one? How much time does that free up?

Are the kids really benefiting from the EXTRA pressure outside of school?

The kids are cranky and naughty, could it be they are just exhausted like Mumma?

It’s not just women who are tired from being switched on all the time. Our family is too. What are we teaching our kids?

I don’t think there is a one size fixes all. It depends on each person’s capabilities, goals, commitments, debts etc.

I do know we don’t need to reach burnout to change things but sadly most of us do. We hold onto that superwoman energy and refuse to let it go and we feel guilty resting and letting something slide.

We allow the shame, guilt, the not worthy enough stories to run through our minds.

Why is our mean girl so prevalent?! Why do we have anxious and depressed feelings?

Because we are exhausted and when we are exhausted we become vulnerable and our inner mean girl catches this and runs wild!

I have changed my way of living and am feeling like a totally new woman.

I don’t have ONE magic program or pill to help this issue. I do however have a MASSIVE tool box and all the love and support, a compassionate heart and caring ears to listen.

Is this something you feel you need? Are you treading just above water?

Please reach out and talk to someone and if you are feeling called to please contact me and we can heal together, you don’t have to do this alone.

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