Mushroom tonics help me feel balanced and zen!

Today I shared a picture of a Mushroom tonic I had made, it was prevalent, and they usually do peak interest. People either think I have the little button mushrooms or a hallucinogen magic mushroom. I love sharing these mushrooms they have helped me tremendously with my health. Not only have they calmed my mind, anxious feelings and, lifted my mood. They have boosted my energy and my immune system.

So what are these mushrooms I am talking about then? They are adaptogens, and now I know what you are going to ask "what are adaptogens?"

Adaptogens are useful for restoration and rejuvenation. Making them perfect for adapting to stress, which helps keep a healthy immune system, good gut health and mental clarity. Adaptogens can help increase your energy but also help you get quality sleep or take your meditation to the next level.

From my favourite people at Superfeast, they say it best!

"We live in the real world; in a go go go world, full of distractions, heavy work loads, family commitments and the rest. In a world that quite frankly, can be stressful! Stress leads to a deficiency in the kidney organ system and we can experience fatigue and lethargy, two things that lead to premature ageing. These ‘symptoms’ of adrenal stress (aka leaking Jing) are rampant in the Western lifestyle. Enter: adaptogenic tonic herbs. They increase our body’s resilience and capacity to process and respond to stressors. When they are consumed every day, adaptogens (including tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms) accumulate unique benefits that enable your body to dance around stress in the system."

Rose feminine tonic

1 tsp Carob Powder

1/4 tsp I am Gaia

1/2 tsp Jing

1/4 tsp or less of Rose water *use your intuition

Mix with boiling water and top with your favourite plant based mylk.

Use my iHerb code for 5% off your Rose water and Carob powder - WSB560

More of my favourite ways to use my mushrooms

  • Have a Reishi mushroom nightcap tonic to help you get off to sleep.

  • Have a Jing carob hot chocolate in place of your coffee. Replacing cacao with carob helps with the mushrooms work at their best if you are highly fatigued.

  • A rose mushroom tonic to connect with your feminine, using I am Gaia and Jing. I am Gaia, is also fantastic for women's hormones!

  • Enjoy a Yin Nourishing Chai Feat. I Am Gaia

  • Spike your Chocolate peanut butter shake with Tremella (it is so good you can eat this delicious dessert mushroom straight off the spoon!)

Many blessings,

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