My dream healed my back pain!

Recently I experienced the power of our subconscious, energetic connection and energetic healing. I have always had faith in energy healing and shining light on the shadows of our unconscious. I have had this faith because I have experienced one or the other at some point in time. I have seen the transformation and the help it brings to my clients. However, I have never experienced them simultaneously together.

I have had a sore upper back along my spine for some time now, and I thought it could be from an injury I had about ten months ago. It never seemed to go away, so I got it checked, and it is all fine, just muscular. That confirmed to me it may be energetic and some energy or emotion stuck and manifesting in physical form.

I did some energy clearing on it and a somatic practice to connect with it and any messages it may have for me. I didn't have anything come through clear, so I had planned to keep connecting with it so I could clear it. As I slept that night, I asked spirit to help me heal this discomfort in my body. That night I had a dream that I spoke to a well-known healer, and he started working on my energy field. He found the energetic imprint on my spine, and it was stubborn. Or I should say I was stubborn; it wouldn't shift until I surrendered. Once I surrendered, the energy moved, and in my dream, it was like I could take a deep breath. He lay me down, and I slept.

When I woke up, the discomfort in my back was gone, I had the most mobility I had in a long time. It also hasn't come back in two weeks. The most amazing thing with energetic healing is it isn't bound by time or space so we can go back or forwards in time and we can also heal from the other side of the world. Our subconscious is also really powerful, and we can reach that space in meditation or dream state. So although the healing wasn't in person, it still took place, and clearly, spirit along with my spirit and the healers met in a location on another plane of time and did energy work. How AMAZING is that!

Much love and many blessings,

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