Wake up excited for the day ahead

For a long time I woke up each and every morning tired, foggy and just wanting to stay in bed. I could have easily stayed in bed until midday sleeping if I had a free day. This made it difficult once kids came along as you can imagine, especially with babies and having a child who just LOVES to wake up full of energy at 4am every morning.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that doing the same thing all the time was bringing me the same results every day and something needed to change. As Rita Mae Brown, the mystery novelist wrote one of her characters say "‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.'”

There are many things I changed to improve my morning wake ups but I will just share my top six.

One Stop lying to myself and build my self respect. Every time I told myself I was just tired because that is life and being an adult I was lying to myself. This was someone else's story that I took as my own and it wasn't true to me. I was tired because I didn't respect myself - I didn't take my human body or mind seriously. I wasn't doing things that nourish my mind, body and spirit.


I looked into my diet and what I was eating - I looked at food intolerances and what might be adding inflammation to my body. So that led to me cutting out gluten, animal products, overly processed foods, stimulants like caffeine and sugars. (I still have the odd treat every now and then).


An easy one but a hard habit to change - Making sure I had a good nutritious breakfast that excited me, that made me look forward to waking up because I knew I was going to have something delicious and nourishing which will fuel me for the start of the day.


Make sure I re-hydrate first thing - I haven't had anything to drink for at least 7 hours so I have 1llitre of water straight up.


I do some breath work usually some slow deep breaths with what I am grateful for or how I want my day to be setting my intention with each breath. I then do some fire breaths really pumping that oxygen in my body.


Make sure I MOVE my body first thing, this was pretty hard at first I really didn't want to get up and move. However once I found something I enjoyed it became something I look forward too. For me that is jumping on my rebound trampoline and either yoga or dance to shift any mindsets or emotions that feel stagnant.


One more point because I can't not share it! Create good sleep hygiene, yep how you set yourself up to sleep effects how you wake up in the morning.

If you give any of these a try please share with me how you go! I would love to hear about it.

I don't always wake up bounding out of bed but these tips have definitely changed the mood and energy of my mornings.

Many blessings,

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