Ways I balance my feminine energy

I know when my feminine energy is low, or I am not connected to it because it shows up in my body and life. I can become fatigued, moody, a feeling of off, less in a joyful pleasure state, I become almost lazy with how much I am in a flowy state, and I become closed off not open to receiving. There are many ways this can show up in your life when it is off-balance; these are just the ways it mostly shows up for me. So how do I reconnect with my feminine energy? I have three of my favourite ways to do so.

1. I make time to connect with my womb space. I massage her with Maeve oil, reminding myself I am all that it and connected to all that it. I am a priestess and bearer of creation.

2. I Indulge in something that feels luxurious and pleasurable, my favourite of this at the moment is a delicious rose mushroom tonic and a good book in a quiet space. I am also loving using a coconut milk-based moisturiser that is so deeply nourishing and silky.

3. I make sure to connect with my sisterhood; sisters are everything to the feminine. It is how we charge our energy, and it is where we gain our wisdom, it is a connection beyond the male and female, it is healing and intuitive.

If you want to lean more into this topic or find some sisters to be in the presence of then, I invite you to join Cosmic Feminine Connection. You have the choice of Facebook or a stand-alone app.

Many blessings,

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