What is a energetic womb healing - Why would I need it?

We hold emotions- especially from relationships and the energy from these emotions within our womb area. When I talk about the area it doesn't matter if you have had any surgery or had anything removed because we are discussing the energies and you can still have an energetic print of your uterus and ovaries.

Having stagnant energy within the womb can lead to many physical symptoms such as painful periods, irregular periods, disconnect from your feminine energy, fatigue and lack of purpose or drive, stuck, lack of creativity. By moving this energy you can ease many of these and create a flow within yourself and life.

Energetic Womb Healing Benefits

- Connection to your feminine energy center

- Increased creativity

- Higher self-love and confidence

- Belly fire - bringing awareness to your passions

- Joyful state of living

- Increased energy

- Ease of menstrual symptoms like PMS

- Increase of intution

What happens during an energetic womb healing?

  • The session starts just like a Reiki energy session. So we will discuss your intentions for the session if you have any.

  • You then will lay on the bed comfortably - fully clothed and have the option of a sheet on.

  • I work with the universal energy channelling it and scanning your energy field through your entire body.

  • Focusing on the womb I will work with the energy, clearing any stagnant energy and channelling universal energy into your womb. I will do an energetic womb massage which is a certain set of action I do within your energy field. Helping to increase the digestion, ease bloating, clear the stomach and liver energy, clear the mother line (clearing any energetic imprints no longer needed) and clearing the uterus and ovaries energy.

  • If I feel it is needed I will use some aromatherapy sprays and working on that vibrational energy I will use this to assist in extra shifting and clearing.

  • I will at times use certain crystals over the womb which help with the healing through the rest of the session.

  • This session can also be done via distance because during energy work it isn't constricted by time or space so I can work within your energy field from a distance and still have healing take place.

If this type of session sounds like something you are called to do please head to my bookings page to book a session. Book now

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