What is Feminine Wisdom Philosophy?

I have been thinking about this subject of feminine wisdom philosophy a lot recently, as the cosmic, collective consciousness and my inner world shift. It is important to me to make time to self-study, and I reflect on how I am living my life and the reasons I choose to have my life the way I do. So what is feminine wisdom to Natasha Rose? How does it fit into my life philosophy?

Feminine wisdom is so much more to me than makeup, pretty clothes and doing womanly things. Feminine wisdom is deep inner wisdom, and it is the connection within oneself and the connection of oneself to spirit. It is the healing, nurturing, nature; it is the feminine energy of the universe, the balance to the masculine energy that is in all of us. It is embodying the Goddess archetypes and the wisdom of the woman's body itself.

Just a few topics within Feminine's wisdom philosophy -

Cyclic living:

They are learning our inner seasons, our emotional ebb and flow. I follow my inner seasons with my menstrual cycle yet they can be tracked by the moon, meaning any person can track their inner seasons' whether they have a physical womb or not.

They respect, honour and celebrate the seasons of the Earth and the Moon. They know how they affect living and know that there are an ebb and flow in everything as well as a beginning and end.

Earth warrior:

An Earth Warrior within Feminine's wisdom philosophy makes a connection to the Earth in a profoundly spiritual way. They know that the Earth is more than just rocks and plants. They know deep within their womb that our Earth is sacred and is the first Mother. She is the womb of our creation.

Being Earth Warriors, they become dedicated to protecting the Earth and her sentient beings, learning about how we can look after her. They have a deep reverence for Mother Earth, and they make sure their choices are conscious and sustainable. They speak up for our first Mother who can't verbally speak for herself.

Goddess Archetype:

Feminine's wisdom philosophy is about embodying the Goddess Archetypes and knowing each Goddess lives within us. They are not separate beings outside of us that we worship.

Sacred Sexuality:

Feminine's Wisdom philosophy is about embodying sacred sexuality, reconnecting with their womb and Yoni (Vulva, vagina, cervix). Knowing that this area is magic, it is creation itself; it is life, it is the energy of the feminine. They know that sacred union is unique and is a deep connection between the masculine and feminine within and without.


Feminine wisdom knows that your sisters are always there, and the connection between you is vital to your energy and your love. Sharing stories, lifting each other up, holding space for each other, giving and receiving.

How does Feminine's Wisdom Philosophy fit into my life? It fits everywhere, It is in honouring Mother Earth, Acknowledging the goddesses inside me, listening to my body wisdom, embracing the cycles in my life. It is when I give thanks for my food and day, it is when I look into my babies eyes. When I dance and sing, when I tune into my spirit and when I connect with spirit around me. Feminine's Wisdom Philosophy and embodying the divine feminine is a life path, and it is within all that I do and am.

Many blessings,

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