What is Holistic Counseling?

Holistic counseling is a service that takes a whole-body approach, including the energetic bodies. It is essential when working with illness we look at the whole picture, not just one area and not only focused on talking.

In my practice, I approach holistic counseling like an intimate conversation with a friend. I like to make sure the room is comfortable, warm and welcoming. It has a homely feel rather than a clinically feel. I set up the place like this even if we are communicating via video chat.

When you first arrive, we have a brief discussion about the reason for your session. What brought you to booking and what is going on currently in your life. I then incorporate energy healing, so you receive a relaxing and healing energy session. I like to work with energy during your holistic counseling session because all our thoughts, emotions and interactions with the world are energy. Sometimes this energy becomes stuck within the body or the energy bodies, and it begins to cause physical symptoms, or it makes it hard to move through a situation you are experiencing fully.

At the end of your energy session, you have some time to collect yourself and come back to the room. I will usually offer a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea. You are allowing your body and energy field to settle into the healing that has taken place. While your beverage of choice, we discuss the healing session what did you sense, feel or see and what I also sensed, felt and saw.

During your holistic counseling session, I share any messages that may be coming up from spirit, and I offer to pull some oracle cards for you to receive any more messages or confirmation of messages received by yourself or me. We also go through any holistic counseling techniques which may be beneficial to you like colour therapy, meditation, dream therapy and others. We discuss lifestyle habits, energetic and sleep hygiene, incorporating morning rituals, womb wisdom, connection to spirit and anything else that calls forward for healing.

What have clients come to these sessions for in the past?

  • To help anxious feelings and panic attacks.

  • To help feelings of low mood

  • To gain clarity on life direction

  • For guidance on their spiritual path

  • To achieve more balance in their life

  • To find their passion and then live their passion

  • To re-connect with their womb, feminine energy and their authentic self

As you can see, holistic counseling is a much more integrated approach to counseling. We are incorporating all of mind, body and spirit, discussing all aspects of life within and without.

Many blessings,

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