What is Reiki Healing?

The universe is made up of energy, everything has a vibration. Think of universal energy like radio waves even though you can't see them you know it is there. If the signal is jammed or blocked we get static on our radio station. This is just like the energy in our body systems if they are blocked or sluggish it can affect us by causing a disturbance. So just like it is important to look after your physical body, it is also important to look after your mental and spiritual/energetic body too.

So how does this relate to Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese healing system that works with universal energy. “Rei” meaning Universal Wisdom and “Ki” Life Force Energy.  A gentle yet powerful practice. 

Reiki is done in a safe sacred space, the practitioner is a channel for the energy to flow to the client. The practitioner works through each main chakra and using a scanning technique scans the energy field for any areas which may need some balancing. Healing can be targeted specifically for ailments, intentions, body parts, spiritual, mental, emotional and much more. Reiki really is so gentle yet powerful it can create some big shifts and healing within one's life.

During a Reiki session, the body begins to let go and go into deep relaxation. It is in this deep space of relaxation that healing can occur. Allowing your mind, body, spirit to reconnect with source, honoring the bodies' natural rhythms and innate wisdom.


Relief from chronic pain and chronic illness

Relief from anxiety, depression and mood disturbances

Relief from fatigue, insomnia and menopause symptoms

Renewed energy, vitality and general well-being

Release from past trauma and psychological wounds

Release from complex, negative emotion stored in the body

Stress and Hyperactivity

Reconnect with Self and Spiritual growth

Self-esteem and self-confidence

Challenging life transitions

Relationship difficulties

Reconnecting with the soul

Sleep Disruption, Headaches Chronic Fatigue

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