What is smudging/smoke cleansing?

So you might have seen me smudging my house, clients, crystals, myself and the kids but wondering what exactly is smudging. Indigenous and ancient cultures all have their own way of smudging and have been using it for many centuries. Smudging is actually a Native American term which has been taken from them, I do prefer to say energy cleansing because it isn't from a certain tribe. Where I can I like to educate myself on cultural appropriation. Smudging is a great way to cleanse and purify the air, lift energetic vibrations and for spiritual use. It has been scientifically proven how it cleanses the air and its benefits from a medicinal perspective.

Below is a list of different ways to do a smudging, energy cleanse, smoke cleanse. Using these items you can say the below prayer/affirmation. Wave the smoke, crystal or spritz the spray around your aura or space you wish to cleanse. It is that simple.

May your hands be cleansed, that they create beautiful things. May your feet be cleansed, that they might take you where you most need to be. May your heart be cleansed, that you might hear its messages clearly. May your throat be cleansed, that you might speak rightly when words are needed. May your eyes be cleansed, that you might see the signs and wonders of the world. May this person and space be washed clean by the smoke of these fragrant plants. And may that same smoke carry our prayers, spiraling, to the heavens.

Types of energetic cleansing

Smoke cleansing - Smudging is a Native American term but it is smoke cleansing. Native Americans use White Sage, Peruvians use Palo Santo, Australian Indigenous use Tea Tree, Berrigan emubush or Eucalyptus. Light your plant and let is smoulder, waving the smoke over the area you wish to clear.

Essential Oils - You can use an aromatherapy mist spray if you are sensitive to smoke. Using essential oils can raise energetic vibrations and clear them, cleanse the air of impurities, and smells wonderful. See below for my Aura cleansing mist.

Selenite wand- Using crystals can cleanse the energetic vibrations of ones space and aura.

Salt - Using salt water or salt in a jar you can cleanse the area or yourself.

Energy cleasning - Using Reiki or other energy healing modalities you can energetically clear yourself, home or others.

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