Your Inner seasons are not directly linked to your menstrual cycle

When you are tracking your menstrual cycle you are more focused on your hormones - when are you ovulating and menstruating. You are usually tracking physical symptoms - cramps, moods, health of your body, when you are fertile, what is your bleed like, menstrual migraines etc. Tracking your inner seasons is more than just your menstrual cycle and it is more to do with the seasons of your body in general. It is a deeper look into your energy field and how you ebb and flow.

My Inner seasons : Inner flow program is based around the menstrual cycle but that is simply to track your seasons and during the program I discuss other ways that you can map your inner seasons without bleeding.

So how are the inner seasons different to tracking your menstrual cycle?

What do you learn in Inner seasons : Inner flow?

- Tracking or mapping your inner seasons is a different way of looking at your menstrual cycle and how you ebb and flow through each month.

- You do not have to be bleeding at all to map your inner seasons, so deep into the root of your inner seasons has nothing to do with your menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is just another way to track your inner seasons.

- In Inner seasons : Inner flow you learn each archetype for your seasons. Making it another way to embody the energetics and personality of that season.

- You learn your masculine and feminine poles and how they effect your inner seasons and how you flow within each month.

- Through inner seasons : inner flow you learn ways to physically support your body in each season and through the whole cycle. Womb and breast massage, how to support your lymphatic system, breathwork for relaxation and to energise.

- Each season has a deep dive, taking you through journal prompts and asking questions about each season. The quality of the questions you ask are a direct result of your quality of life.

- How you can turn your inner critic into something that is valuable and a positive thing to have and hear.

- You have the opportunity to re-write your own menstrual cycle story and create a new one.

- You will receive the opportunity for a womb blessing and the rite of the womb.

- You will reconnect with your womb and your feminine energy.

I created Inner seasons : Inner flow to help other women gain a different, softer more feminine perspective of their ebb and flow each month. Understanding your inner seasons will help you to really ignite that inner fire and create a inner flow. Which will then overflow into your life family, friends, work etc.

With much love x

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