A beautiful custom vibrational mist for cleansing your Aura. This is a therapeutic mist and is used for healing.


A intuitive blend of essential oils and Reiki infused water. I will tap into your energy field and read what essential oils are needed for your current healing or personal use. I will blend them together in this gorgeous bottle and write a little note about what the mind, body, spirit properties are of each oil.


Use after being around a lot of people use this to cleanse your Aura. Use during a healing meditation, yoga, before, during or after any ceremony/ritual, use is it as a room spray to cleanse energies in the room or simply when needed.


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Ingredients: High vibrational Reiki infused filtered water, up to four essential oils.


Large Custom Vibrational Mist Blend 500ml


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    Days For Girls is a non-profit organisation that are turning periods into pathways. They are providing education and menstrual supplies to areas that need them.


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