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What is the Radiance

1:1 Journey

The Radiance Journey is three months 1:1 with me as a dive deeper into your journey of becoming fully integrated and living your full potential.


It is different for every woman who comes through and this is because I tap into your unique intention and weave magic with your soul to help you create what you desire.

I believe we were all born with the ability to be radiant and it is our birth right to radiate into the world. However through life we collect and make stories from our childhood, society and the collective which hold us back from fully claiming our radiance.


During this time I hold space for you while we tune in to your energy allowing you to let go of what is holding you back, lighten your energetic and emotional load, you learn ways you can shift your energy yourself and deepening your connection to your womb, spirit, body, feminine essence and integrate this into your life, so you be a radiant woman.

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During your radiance journey you will


  • Begin to feel more radiant in life

  • Start to stand in your full power

  • Claim your destiny

  • Feel deeply connected and turned on with yourself, life and relationships

  • Bring more spirituality and intentional living into your home

  • Be totally magnetic to your dreams and goals

  • Create magic in your life

  • Become a more emotionally intelligent woman

  • Strengthen your intuition

  • Connect with your feminine wisdom

  • Get out of your busy mind and into your body

  • Increase your confidence

  • Live in flow with your menstrual cycle

  • Live from a pleasurable and joyful state


What you receive during this three months with me

Three month program pass

All access pass to ALL my online programs during this three months. Watch replays or catch Live rounds.

Personalised self-care rituals + ceremonies

We will design self-care rituals that are specific to you and your needs. Along with ceremonies to help with the healing and growth taking place.

Voice message support

I believe that it is important to have contact with you while you are going through this program. I am contactable during weekday work hours through voxer to help guide and support you between 1:1 calls

1:1 mentoring sessions

Once a fortnight you will have a 1:1 mentor call with me. The space for each call is intuitively held and we go where the energy and you desire to go during the session.

Six Mentor Sessions

Emotional intelligence

We will work together to reconnect you to your feminine and masculine energy. So you can be emotionally self-aware and fully embodied.

Weekly card readings

At the end of each session I will do a personal card reading for you. I will pull some cards and channel messages from spirit. This will bring confirmation and clarity about your session, what you are releasing and what you are calling in for the week.

1:1 Shamanic healing

 I will set up a sacred space just for you and you will have the opportunity to receive shamanic healing focused on your intention. 

Six Shamanic Sessions

Personalised meditation + embodiment practice

I will record a personal meditation. Filled with affirmations helping you further your connection and transformation. Along with embodiment practices.

Custom aromatherapy product

I will custom blend an vibrational aromatherapy product for you. So when you are doing the rituals and healing at home you can use this as an anchor.

Total 12 sessions


Amelia Margaurite

Just wow! Natasha's love for empowering women is obvious from the minute you meet her. From her coaching in self care I have learned so much and been able to implement positive changes to my life. These have helped in reducing stress, build my self confidence and self worth, and taking time out to become more aware of my surroundings and what my body and mind need.

Erin. M

You are in my head so much lately. Especially your message of self-care. It has really been hitting me hard to make time for myself. It's so easy to forget about yourself when there's so much to do for the family. So on Friday I was exhausted after a big week with the kids & not enough sleep. Hubby walked in the door @ 5 & I said "Honey I need you to feed the baby so I can go & have a shower & 20 mins to myself". I very rarely ask him for help especially when he has just got home. So, I poured myself a glass of wine, sat in the shower, shaved my legs & had shower wine!!!! OMG best 20 mins of my life. Thank you so much for reminding me and guiding me that I matter too. xxx

Maddie. F

Each time I spend with you is like medicine for my soul. Thank you so much for all your guidance and healing.

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Payment plan

Price payment plan

$148 p/w

Contact Natasha to organise a payment plan

Email: hello@natasharose.net.au