I am excited to bring this beautiful program to your hot little hands. This program has been brewing in my womb for a while, and I wondered how it would look and feel.

I thought she was going to be another program to help you feel radiant, and it is, BUT it's within a business.

I have been in a place of burnout running my business in a hustle culture. It isn't fun at all. It's also not why I decided to be an entrepreneur.

As a Mama, I became an entrepreneur to be with my kids more as they grow up. To witness their achievements and be there when they were sick or had a fall.

In hustle culture, you don't have the time to be with your kids, you feel guilty when you have time off your business, and you push yourself til burnout.

I make a vote! Let's stop burning ourselves as women (enough of the past stories), and instead, let's use our wisdom of cycles, seasons and energy to build empires and change the paradigm!

Feminine flow in business is nourishing and magnetic!

Radiant business is for you if-

  • You desire more flow of energy in your business

  • You wish to learn the subtle energy layers and how to use them in your business

  • You want to learn energetic practices for your business

  • You want to know about your business entity

  • You want to celebrate more in life + business

  • You are ready to step into the quantum realm and work with energy

  • Want to understand the basics of masculine + feminine energy

  • You want to learn how you can use your menstrual cycle within your business

You want to bring more rituals into your business

What you receive



  • Eleven calls + opening and closing ceremonies

  • Calls will be weekly (live round)

  • Access to a private FB group to share your journey with other Mama's

  • Zoom calls (live round) and recordings 

  • Supporting material PDFs with important notes and guides

  • Welcome and closing ceremony

Topics covered



🌞Energy in business.

🌞Meeting the entity of your business.

🌞Feminine and Masculine energy principles within the business.

🌞Business Altars.

🌞Energetic alignment of your business and your radiant life.

🌞Business and right relation to Earth and your clients or customers.

🌞Planning for success and balance.

🌞Rituals within a business.



12-week payment plan available

Work with me - Enagic business


The radiant business program is pre-recorded

Live run coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have a business to do this? 
    No, not at all. This might help you cultivate the energy and inspiration for a business. If you desire help in this area, please reach out I have two ways to work with me when starting a business. 

  • Do you teach me business strategies?
    No, there are no how to set up a business or 7 steps to running a business. This is a program for the energetics of spiritual business.

  • Do you keep me accountable during the program?
    Nope! This is a self-paced program, it is up to you to cultivate the trust in yourself that you will make time for this program.

  • What if I can't be live on the calls?
    There will be replays.

  • I joined Enagic with you, is this really free?
    Yes, it is free, and you receive mentoring with me and access to my mentor within the Enagic model.

  • Is this available within Radiance Journey or Rise subscription?
    Yes, it is part of your Radiance Journey or within the Rise subscription.